At Woodlands Spa we take pride in our staff, with each individual bringing their own personal touch that makes Woodlands Spa such a special place.

Tania Pheiffer

Spa Owner

When I was a little girl, my father read a book called: ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill. He said that positive thinking was the basis of living a happy and fulfilled life. I believe that everything we do in life, from every thought we think to everything we eat, affects us. My father always instilled in me the benefits of being positive, and he was so right. True wellness comes from a complete sense of physical, mental and social well-being. When the creator of Woodlands Centre for Conscious Living, Marisa Farinha Lloyd, approached me with the idea of taking over Woodlands Spa, I was immediately inspired to take on the challenge wholeheartedly.

Having run my own successful salon from home for the past 11 years, I knew what I wanted to achieve, I have always chosen the more medical route and from the start only purchased from companies that manufacture products that are well-researched, effective, innovative and evidence based. 

To enhance a holistic therapeutic approach at Woodlands Spa, it is important to embrace a wide selection of bespoke experiences that range from relaxing and playful to energizing and inspiring, all leading toward happier healthier living. Concentrating on the use of natural ingredients in therapeutic products that are bio-identical to your natural biology, effectively enhancing the integrity of your skin whilst simultaneously preventing ageing.

This multi-faceted palette of uniquely rewarding and deep personalized experiences in an amazing spa setting endeavours that you will always go home feeling enlightened, empowered and ready to experience a life in harmony with our philosophy that health is a state of mind.

A spa experience at Woodlands Spa is just that; an environment of positive energy, the experience of the healing power of touch and unparalleled service!

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Anel van Gerve

Spa Manager

Spa Manager and Head: Medical Spa Therapy.

When I was a little girl my mom always asked me to put lotion on her body. She regularly told me that I had healing hands and that I should pursue a career involving touching people.

After completing grade 12, and having had a lifelong interest in the medical field, I enrolled at the Potchefstroom Academy for Beauty Therapists. After attaining a 2 year National Diploma (SAAHSP), I followed it up with an International Diploma( CIDESCO) and in my fourth year, a Masters Diploma in Somatology.

Since my graduation in 2000 I have been working in the health and beauty industry, specialising in chemical peels, treating pigmentation and the effects of ageing.

I am also a qualified Permanent Make-up artist and have done intensive training with local, German, American and Italian specialists in this field.

The health, beauty and spa industry is my passion and over the years many of my clients have also become good friends.

I am looking forward to a fulfilling career at Woodlands Spa, providing an ongoing professional service, with loving care and passion.

It will be my pleasure to meet you!

Dr Ela Manga

Integrated medical practitioner

About 10 years ago, I was a burnt out GP with a waiting room full of patients seeking a fast solution to their health concerns. It wasn’t long before I began to see that the paradigm of medicine that I was practicing was falling short in what I believed the role of the doctor to be – a partner in the creation of sustainable health, self-awareness, and a lifestyle that supports this.

For the last decade, I have crafted a methodology in my practice that is more integrated and intuitive. I partner with my patients to create a lifestyle that is suited to their unique body type and life circumstances but that compassionately pushes them to create a new one which is more in alignment with their own nature.

My work with the Energy Journey at Deloitte Consulting has refined my understanding of the demands that the business world places on our energy resources. It has fuelled my interest in, and passion for, energy management and preventing and treating burnout in high performing individuals from corporate executives, mothers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I am currently working on a book on energy management that is a distillation of my experience in working with energy over the last 15 years.

While my journey has spanned widely from Western Medicine to herbal medicine and energy healing, it has also dropped deeply into a place of simplicity, and now I find that that the most effective keys to our sources of energy reside in the simple tools of Breathwork and Mindfulness.

Whether you are dealing with specific symptoms or more chronic health challenge , I partner with you to support your health and wellbeing in a way that’s professional yet heart centered.

I offer private consultations, executive coaching, Skype sessions, public talks, group workshops, retreats, and breathwork practitioner training.

For more details, please visit her website at

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