Wow! Thank you Tania and Team for such a wonderful baby shower! Your Spa is stunning, the tables were beautiful. Our treatments were divine and the food delicious!! I could not have asked for a more perfect, special day. Thank you so so much!
Odette Lohkre
5 Star new Spa location, go try try it out, unbelievable setting next to a river right by Avianto.
Heinrich Lohkre
It was the most wonderful day. We feel truly spoiled and papered head to toe!!! I highly recommend this spa and relaxing settings to all Featherbrooke residents. You will be in seventh heaven only five minutes away. Thanks you Woodlands Spa team for a magical memorable day.
Bianca Crawford
Beyond awesome! Thank you for a lovely pampering day Tania. Your team is great, yummy food and a gold star to therapist Caroline felling so relaxed. Will be back!
Philline Craythorne
We've had a very wonderful, relaxing and serene afternoon. The massages/treatments were lovely, the food was enjoyable. The staff is very warm and welcoming. We will definitely be back!!!
Mr & Mrs Mothibi
designer & artist

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